Based in New York, I'm a designer with a love for technology, electronic music, video games, math, and programming. Currently, I'm a mobile designer at Foursquare. I post about my work and my inspiration. View my professional portfolio at

That’s the first step to designing anything: ask “Why are we doing this?” If the answer isn’t clear, or isn’t clear to you, or just doesn’t exist, you can’t design anything. Stop working. Can you help set those goals? If so, do it. (Yes, it is part of your job. Anything that helps you do your job is part of your job.)

—I wish I had Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro of Mule Design when I first graduated college. It’s a short, informative, and inspiring read I’d recommend to any designer. I could quote it at least ten times. In fact, I probably will.

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